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Island Dentistry strives to help every patient keep their teeth healthy and strong for life. Unfortunately, sometimes, extractions are inevitable. We use precision instruments and gentle techniques to make the procedure comfortable and efficient.


Advanced gum disease – If the bone and periodontal ligament are significantly damaged, there is not enough brace for the tooth. If the tooth is not extracted, the tooth will fall out due to the damage. 

Decay – If a cavity has damaged a tooth to the point there is more decay than tooth, the tooth may need to be taken out. 

Fracture – When a fracture has occurred in a tooth, the tooth may be deemed unrestorable and need to be removed. 

Baby Teeth – Baby teeth that don’t come out when they should may need a bit of help. 

Impaction – If a tooth develops partially or completely below the gum line, it can damage nearby teeth, nerves, and even bone tissue. This usually happens with wisdom teeth, but it can occur with any tooth, especially in cases of severe crowding in the mouth.


We begin with a consultation and examination, to determine if extraction is necessary. The first step is numbing the tooth and tissue to ensure your comfort. The gum tissue around the tooth is released and instruments are used to begin to loosen it. The tooth is secured with forceps, and gently moved back and forth to gradually remove it. This careful method minimizes trauma to surrounding tissue. A surgical extraction is very similar, except it requires one or more incisions to access the tooth.

If a tooth is not savable, your dentist will discuss options for replacement.

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