CEREC® Same Day Dentistry

CEREC® is an acronym that stands for
Chair side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics .

CEREC® Same Day Dentistry Technology is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in modern dentistry. CEREC® is a CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing) system that delivers superb quality porcelain restorations quickly, precisely and efficiently. High-tech aside, it’s what you don’t see that’s important: no more mercury fillings. With CEREC® restorations, your smile stays beautiful and natural-looking.

Benefits of CEREC® include:

  • A single-appointment restoration — only one visit needed 
  • An efficient appointment — less time spent in the dental chair
  • A natural-looking filling — no more silver metal-mouth
  • A healthier, metal-free filling means less tooth surface removal for better bonding
  • No messy impressions or ill-fitting temporaries
  • A restoration that matches the natural color of your teeth
  • A restoration that is anti-abrasive, bio-compatible and resistant to plaque
  • A durable restoration —CEREC® fillings don’t break or leak like traditional fillings
  • Proven technology — 10-plus years of clinical research and more than 4 million restorations performed worldwide


After decayed or broken areas of the tooth are corrected by the dentist, an image (scan) is taken of the prepared tooth and the surrounding teeth. This image, called a digital impression, draws the data into a computer. Next, proprietary software is used to create a replacement part for the missing areas of the tooth, essentially creating a virtual restoration. Stains and glazes are fired to the surfaces of the milled ceramic crown or bridge to correct the otherwise monochromatic appearance of the restoration.

Visit www.cereconline.com for more information about CEREC technology.

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